Deepak K. Gupta bio photo

Deepak K. Gupta

Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Amstedam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Graduate Courses

  1. Wavefield Imaging (Delft)
  2. Non-linear Inverse Theory (UBC)
  3. Machine Learning (UBC)

Undergraduate Courses (at IIT Bombay)


  1. Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
  2. Introduction to Engineering Design
  3. Solid Mechanics
  4. Aerospace Structural Mechanics
  5. Flight Mechanics II
  6. Control Theory
  7. Aircraft Structures Laboratory
  8. Propulsion
  9. Aircraft Design
  10. Aerodynamics
  11. Spaceflight Mechanics
  12. Space Flight Navigation & Guidance
  13. Aviation Fuels and their Combustion
  14. State Space Methods for Flight Vehicles

Operations Research

  1. Topics in Operations Research
  2. Optimization Techniques
  3. Introduction to Stochastic Models
  4. Markov Decision Process


  1. Signals and Systems
  2. Motion Planning and Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles
  3. Guidance Strategies for Autonomous Vehicles

Data Science Specialization - Coursera

Following courses were offered by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera platform.

  1. The Data Scientist’s Toolbox
  2. Statistical Inference
  3. Regression Models
  4. R Programming
  5. Getting and Cleaning Data
  6. Developing Data Products
  7. Practical Machine Learning